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In addition to the well-known TRACEL® foaming and nucleating agents TRAMACO develops and produces other additive concentrates, which are primarily optimized for foamed plastics but which are as well used for compact applications.

Pinneberg/Germany, August 2021 - TRASTATIC GMS 25 is a cell stabilizer for polyolefins. When used as an additive in polyethylene- or polypropylene-foams it improves the rheology of the melt and by that provides an even cell structure and a better foam formation. The surface active substance of the TRASTATIC masterbatch stabilizes the gas bubbles formed during the foaming process. This effect becomes particularly apparent in physical foaming. While without additional stabilization the blowing gas diffuses faster out of the polymer matrix than the ambient air can diffuse into it, resulting in collapsing or at least shrinking foam, TRASTATIC controls the gas exchange, providing dimensional stability to the foam. Also chemical foaming processes can benefit from this effect.

Furthermore TRASTATIC GMS 25 is a very effective and fast antistatic agent, which reduces static charge of foams and also compact plastic products. Due to the fast migration of the active substance to the surface, the decrease of the surface resistance starts immediately after the processing and lasts for months.

Apart from TRASTATIC GMS 25 TRAMACO’s portfolio offers additional cell stabilizers, antistatic batches and other functional additives.

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