Focus on new trends

Household appliances and items

In the furniture and household goods industry as well - from refrigerators to espresso machines - there are practically no limits to the possibilities polymers offer. For example, nowadays they help produce more durable and safer furniture and other home objects, and provide the end consumer with a steady stream of new, attractive designs and living ideas while facilitating the rapid implementation of new colour trends.


Technical Plastics and Blends

  • UV- and weather-resistant thermoplastics for interior and exterior applications (ABS, ASA)
  • Impact-resistant materials (ABS)
  • New generation of PA blend plastics
  • Antimicrobial thermoplastics (ABS, ABS+PC)
  • Antistatic and permanently antistatic PC compounds (PC+ABS, PC+ASA, ABS, ASA)
  • Colour-matched blend plastics and thermoplastics for all interior and exterior parts

ROWA Masterbatch

Polymere specific color, additive and multifunctional masterbatches

Radiant colours with specific properties for daily use!

  • High covering power
  • Brilliant colors
  • Light-fast and weather-resistant
  • No negative physiological effects
  • Compliant with standards for foodstuffs, drinking water and toys (DIN EN 71-3)
  • Rapid change of color


Liquid Colors and Additives

  • Profile extrusion (furniture edges)
  • Tabletops
  • Wall protection elements
  • Protection elements for kitchens
  • Laminate flooring


Special Lacquer Systems

  • ROWAKRYL®: acrylate lacquers for furniture and decorative films
  • ROWADEKOR®: top-quality 2K lacquer systems for furniture and decorative films


Chemical Foaming Agents and Adhesion Promoters

  • TRAPYLEN for gluing furniture edges
  • Foam furniture films, e.g. synthetic leather
  • Lumber composite products
  • Foam components

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