Polymere Materials in Daily Business

Packaging and Consumer Goods

Whether disposable or lifestyle products, the look, feel and packaging material are decisive factors for being successful with consumers. You will find that we have the perfect solution for all applications – from toys to cosmetic packaging to giveaways.


Technical Plastics and Blend

  • UV- and weather-resistant thermoplastics for interior and exterior applications (ASA; SAS; AES; PC+ASA)
  • Transparent ABS
  • Antistatic and permanently antistatic PC compounds (PC+ABS; PC+ASA), PA blend plastics (PA+ABS; PA+ASA)
  • Impact-resistant thermoplastics (ABS, ASA)
  • Heat-resistant thermoplastics (LURANYL, ABS)
  • Color-matched blend plastics and thermoplastics for all interior and exterior parts
  • New generation of PA blend plastics
  • SAN and M-ABS for cosmetics packaging and more

ROWA Masterbatch

Polymere specific color, additive and multifunctional masterbatches

  • Metallic and effect pigments
  • Functional masterbatches (UV stabilisers, anti-slip, antiblock, etc.)
  • "Corporate identity" colors, e.g. Uhu yellow


Liquid Colors and Additives

Swift and easy processing, above all in the case of frequent changes of colour - offering you direct competitive advantages!

  • No negative physiological effects
  • Compliant with standards for foodstuffs, drinking water and toys (DIN EN 71-3)
  • Homogenous colour enhancement even with minimum quantities possible
  • Colour injection at up to 300 bar directly into the molten plastic, for extremely rapid change of colour


Special Lacquer Systems

  • ROWALID® PP: monopigment preparations in diverse carriers resins
    - maximum color strength and transparency due to highly concentrated and finely dispersed pigments
    - for coloring transparent films and producing printing inks
  • ROWEX®: universal, transparent printing ink carriers
    - ideal combination partner for ROWALID Pigment Preparations


Chemical Foaming Agents and Adhesion Promoters

  • Foam packaging trays (e.g. XPS, PS, PP, etc.)
  • Foam seals for packaging, e.g. cap seals
  • TRAPYLEN – films primed with TRAPYLEN

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