Reliable, high quality product solutions

ROWA GROUP is renowned around the world as a provider of top-quality technical polymers, special lacquer systems, colour concentrates, additives, foaming agents and adhesion promoters.

Technical Plastics and Blends

ROMIRA was founded in 1990 and has a high competence in technical plastics with guaranteed quality standards and innovative varieties. The ROMIRA modular system offers the possibility to modify established products as well as to compose new developments. Additives, like for example UV-stabilizers, flame retardants or antioxidants, will be added to the polymers and blends and the color perfectly adjusted in our Color Competence Center.

  • ROMILOY® - Blends based on PC, PA, PBT and styrene copolymers „custom tailored grades“ - compounds on customer’s specifications
    • colored from transparent to opaque to piano black
    • high color consistency
    • low emission
    • from high gloss to matt finish
    • flame retardant – halogenated or halogen-free
    • transparent
    • reinforced
    • UV-stabilized
    • with slip agents
  • LURANYL® - PPE-blends (PPE+PS-I; PPE+PA)
    • colored
    • halogen free flame retardant
    • low emission
    • good resistance against hydrolysis and chemicals
    • reinforced
    • laser writeable
    • drinking water approvals
  • ROMIPOM Polyacetal
  • ROTEC® Polycarbonat – transparent clear and opac/V2-V0

Color Competence Center

The Color Competence Center from ROWA GROUP combines the best of everything: laready colored plastics (ROMIRA), masterbatches in granules (ROWA Masterbatch), liquid golors (ROWASOL)  or finely dispersed pigment preparations (ROWA Lack). You can be assured to get exactly the product, which is perfect for your requirements and applications and will be in the best possible color and right consistency. Naturally always replicable – from automotive colors to transparent to matt finishes. Several color systems are available: Amongst other things RAL, NCS and the Pantone-system. With the latest data communication our customers are able to get a custom-tailored color setting based on electronic requirements without a visual template to faster start producing their color concentrates or compounds.


The liquid colors and additive concentrates of ROWASOL are an alternative to the conventional masterbatch. They consist of pigments or dyes which are dispersed discontinuously at room temperature in a solvent-free liquid carrier system. Special wetting agents and rheological additives ensure optimum distribution of the pigments and stability of the dispersion. Depending on the application, the use of liquid colors can offer advantages in terms of colorant use, homogeneity of coloration, color change times and storage. In addition to customer-specific color adjustments, we also offer optimally pre-dispersed single pigment concentrates with which the user can make his own color adjustments to achieve maximum flexibility.


Polymere specificmasterbatches from ROWA Masterbatch are tailor-made for your personal requirements and products. There are no limits for variations and almost all customer specifications can be met.


Your requirements exactly met: Technical plastics with additives as per your needs, masterbatches in granules or or additives in liquid color. We deliver your optimized products for a smoothly running production.


For ROWASOL's modern ROWAMETRIC dosing systems, we use eccentric screw or peristaltic pumps, which are selected to suit the respective application. Furthermore, we cooperate with OPM Mechatronic and Oerlikon Barmag for piston and gear pumps.

Foaming Agents

TRAMACO GmbH was founded in 1973. Its products include foaming and nucleation agents (UNICELL®) and foaming agent blends, pastes and masterbatches (TRACEL® products). These are used in a wide range of contexts. Depending on the application, the choice of the right foaming agent system can achieve weight reduction, cutting of raw materials and costs, dimensional stability, thermal and sound insulation and specific surface effects.  

Adhesion Promoters

Another product palette of TRAMACO GmbH consists in adhesion promoters and primers for polyolefin plastics. These are used under the brand names TRAPYLEN® and TRAPUR® for the lacquering, printing or bonding of plastic substrata that do not take paint easily (for the most part polyolefins like TPO, PE, PP, PP blends etc.). A main area of application is the lacquering of bumpers, dashboards and interior claddings in the automotive industry. Alongside this, TRAPYLEN® and TRAPUR® are also used for the production of adhesive tapes and embossed foils and as adhesion additives in print colours and glues.

Special Lacquer Systems

As a market leader in thesurface refinement and finishing of coated textiles,ROWA Lack GmbH produces top-quality lacquer systems, matting agent concentrates and additive systems for the coating and plastics industries. From its plants in Pinneberg, Seevetal, Yesan (South Korea) and Ningbo (China), ROWA Lack supplies customers in the plastic processing industry all over the world, with an annual capacity in excess of 10,000 tons. Most of its products are available in the form of solvent-containing or water-based lacquer systems. The company's delivery programme embraces the following product series:

  • ROWAKRYL®: acrylate lacquers for HGV and boat tarpaulins, marquees, flexible advertising media and furniture films
  • ROWATHAL® : PU lacquer systems for the treatment of top-quality PVC and PU synthetic leather for automobile interiors, furniture upholstery, clothing and shoes
  • ROWADEKOR®: Top-quality 2K and UV networking lacquer systems for furniture and decorative films
  • ROWALID® TI: Lacquer systems for achieving metallic effects on HGV tarpaulins and tents, marquees and sunshades
  • ROWASET: Networking agents, processing adjuvants and additives for the achievement of special surface characteristics
  • ROWAFLON®: Fluoride polymer lacquer systems for textiles, construction, workshops and tents
  • ROWANYL®: Special topcoats for synthetic leather applications in reverse printing
  • ROWEX:  Universal, transparent print colour carriers: ideal in combination with ROWALID® Pigment preparations
  • ROWATHAN®:Coating materials to customer specifications
  • ROWASIL: Matt concentrates for the individual adjustment of glossiness of solvent-containing and water-based lacquers

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