Top-quality Materials for Interior and Exterior


The automobile sector is one of the world's most important industries. Technical plastics are an essential construction material and has long been indispensable to this industry, as are most of our other products. The companies in the ROWA GROUP focus both their production and development on the automotive segment and offer a diverse portfolio for a broad range of applications.


Technical Plastics and Blends

ROMIRA concentrates on the production and development of new  and innovative special products and offers its customers an extensive portfolio of materials with proven individual product properties, e.g.:

  • high impact resistance even at low temperatures
  • low VOC and fogging emission values
  • high heat resistance
  • good UV resistance
  • special material types with a high-gloss or matt surface appearance
  • good scratch resistance
  • antisqueaking modifications
  • high-gloss without painting

for a great variety of interior or exterior applications. These are supplemented by other customer-specific properties which can be realised with the help of an additive, such as antistatic properties, special haptic qualities and the like. 

ROWA Masterbatch

Polymere specific color, additive and multifunctional masterbatches

The products of ROWA Masterbatch ensure constant color quality in a wide range of plastic components. This is of particularly importance in the automotive industry for example, where UV and thermal stability, as well as light-fastness and weather-resistance, are crucial for the appearance of the product. 

IR-reflective color master batches result in significantly lower surface temperature in sunlight (especially in the case of dark surfaces - dashboard, steering wheel etc.); constant color quality when dyeing different kinds of plastic, inside or outside the vehicle; UV stabilisation; light-fast and weather resistant color master batches.


Liquid Colors and Additives

As an alternative to master batch granulates, our liquid colors and additives also offer outstanding properties for automotive applications:

  • Color-fastness
  • Temperature stability
  • Highly effective cover
  • High colour brilliance
  • Rapid change of color


Special Lacquer Systems

  • ROWAKRYL®: lacquer systems based on acrylate as primers and topcoats for automotive films, synthetic leather and PVC luggage compartment covers
  • ROWATHAL®: PU lacquer systems for automotive films and synthetic leather
  • ROWAFLON®: fluoropolymer lacquer systems for automotive films and synthetic leather
  • ROWANYL®: special topcoats for synthetic leather applications on release paper


Chemical Foaming Agents and Adhesion Promoters

  • TRACEL chemical foaming agents for seals: haptic effects (Soft Touch), mouldings with improved surfaces and body cavity sealing, material and weight savings through the use of foaming agents to reduce consumption
  • TRAFLAM flame retardant films and mouldings
  • TRAPYLEN adhesion promoters for films and mouldings
  • Adhesive additives for plastic lacquers

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