Permantently "under power"

Electrical Engineering

The type of engineering does not matter: energy, drive, automation, measurement, telecommunications, instrument or electronics. Without the countless technical processes used every day on the job and at home, hardly anything would work. We all rely on the impeccable functioning of machinery and devices whose plastic components should be as durable and long-lived as possible. This makes the choice of manufacturing material that much more critical. We offer you competent consulting services and the security of products in the quality Germany is renowned for.


Technical Plastics and Blends

  • UV- and weather-resistant thermoplastics for interior and exterior applications (ASA; SAS; AES; PC+ASA)
  • Antistatic and permanently antistatic PC compounds (PC+ABS; PC+ASA), PA blends (PA+ABS; PA+ASA)
  • High heat ABS
  • Galvano ABS and PC/ABS
  • Colour-matched blends and thermoplastics for all interior and exterior parts
  • Halogen-free flame retardant (Luranyl, PC+ABS, PC+ASA, PC+PBT)
  • Transparent ABS
  • UL-listed products (ABS, ABS+ASA, ABS+PC, LURANYL)

ROWA Masterbatch

Polymere specific color, additive and multifunctional masterbatches

  • UL-certified color masterbatches for selected plastics
  • invisible tagging for components (detection pigment)
  • Batches for labelling with laser writing


Liquid Colors and Additives

  • High covering capacity
  • Highly brilliant colour
  • Light-fast and weather-resistance
  • No negative effects on flame retardance, hence All Color Listing (UL) is possible
  • Laser marking a possible option
  • Rapid change of color


Chemical Foaming Agents and Adhesion Promoters

  • TRACEL foam housings and components
  • TRACEL foam cable

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