For Textile Constructions, Tarpaulins, Foils and much more

Technical textiles

Technical textiles are used in many industrial areas, whether in advertising, automotive, furniture and decoration foils, PVC-coated tarpaulins, synthetic leather or textile constructions. The durability and variety of colours and functions is the persuasive argument for their use and we are supplying you with the perfect special lacquer system or top coat.


Special Lacquer Systems

  • ROWAFLON®:lacquer systems based on fluoropolymers, very good weather- and UV-resistance, easy to clean, perfectly suited for colouring PVC-coated woven textiles for tensile architecture
  • ROWAKRYL®:water-based and solvent-based acrylate lacquer systems, good weather- and UV-resistance, especially well suited to truck tarpaulins, awnings, swimming pool liners, halls and tents, special versions for colouring PVC-coated woven textiles for large format printing
  • ROWATHAL®: diverse polyurethane lacquer systems for colouring PVC and PU synthetic leather
  • ROWATHAN®: coating compounds for coating textiles, acrylate and polyurethane products for coating various woven textiles, e.g. the underside of conveyor belts
  • ROWANYL®: topcoats for manufacturing synthetic leather, applications using transfer processes
  • ROWALID® TI: metal effect lacquers for colouring truck tarpaulins and awnings


Liquid Colors and Additives

Color and function for light-weight and versatile materials

  • Color settings on own spin
  • Color injection up to 300 bar directly into the polymer melt for extremely fast color changes
  • High color opacity
  • Oekotex standard 100


Chemical Foaming Agents and Adhesion Promoters

  • Foam coatings for textiles
  • Foam sheets for digital printing
  • Adhesion promoters for polyolefin films
  • Adhesion additives for printing inks

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