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Also suitable for sensitive applications: Endothermic foaming agents have been part of TRAMACO’s product range for more than 30 years. Previously, the focus was on classical applications such as the Celuka-process, injection molding and nucleation in physical foaming. However, the range of end-applications has expanded significantly in recent years.

Pinneberg/Germany, April 15th, 2021 –Endothermic foaming agents are characterized by the consumption of (heat-) energy during decomposition. Consequently, the foaming behavior is less aggressive and slower than that of exothermic foaming agents. But in return the decomposition process can easily be controlled by the process temperature.

TRACEL® endothermic foaming agents are primarily based on carbonates and citric acid derivatives. The decomposition releases carbon dioxide and water as effective foaming gases. As a result, the endothermic TRACEL® products are physiologically harmless and generally also suitable for sensitive applications, such as items in contact with drinking water or foodstuffs, or food and pharmaceutical packaging.

As released water might affect performance in some applications, TRAMACO’s product range includes endothermic foaming agents with minimized water release, or which bind generated water to allow foaming of hydrolysis sensitive polymers.
Endothermic TRACEL® foaming agents are available as powder, paste or polymer-bound masterbatch.

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