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The new generation ROMILOY® ASA/PC special compounds


The constantly growing demands in the automotive market with regard to design, economic and – increasingly more important – ecological aspects challenge compounders to continuously optimize specific properties and develop new materials

Pinneberg/Germany, October 04th, 2018 – Application-ready and affordable polymer blends play a significant role here.

One requirement of automobile manufacturers, for example, is to create particular effects on a part after injection molding without complex and expensive subsequent operations. This is possible with polymer blends that satisfy a multitude of requirements due to their wide range of properties and combinability. The desired specifications can be achieved by combining various polymers and additives in polymer blends as special compounds.

ROMIRA has made its mark as a specialist in this field. The company is able to guarantee or develop the desired property profile for many applications with ROMILOY®/ROTEC® or LURANYL® compounds. This also includes the new generation of ASA/PC-special compounds such as ROMILOY® EXP2712 with matt finish or ROMILOY® 6065 or ROMILOY® 6070 with a high-gloss finish.

ROMILOY® ASA/PC-compounds are characterized by their excellent impact strength and heat stability – similar to PC/ABS. The ASA-component, however, and in particular the use of special additives, can provide outstanding UV and weathering resistance. As a result, these ROMILOY® materials are suitable not only for interior applications but also for exterior applications.

Depending on the weather resistance, the use of the various compounds in the exterior is first determined for the corresponding zones in the upper, middle and lower vehicle area: The materials used in the upper and middle vehicle area in particular must demonstrate extremely good weather resistance. In the accelerated weathering test, ROMILOY® EXP2712, ROMILOY® 6065 and ROMILOY® 6070 achieve an evaluation of 4/5 to 5 according to the DIN EN 20105-A02 gray scale after a one-year and two-year cycle in the Florida and Kalahari climate. This makes these materials, whether in matt or high-gloss finish, an excellent choice for applications without surface finishing such as painting. Thanks to their excellent impact resistance and strength, they can also be used in the lower vehicle area. This new generation of ROMILOY® ASA/PC-special compounds can consequently be used in all three zones.

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