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That’s pretty slick: Lubricants by ROWA Masterbatch


As a specialist for polymer specific solutions ROWA Masterbatch, with the product group ROWALID®-GL ROWA Masterbatch offers different lubricants for use in technical parts.

Pinneberg/Germany, March 21st, 2016 -  Additive concentrates in combination with colours or e. g. UV protection are also available at ROWA Masterbatch. By needs they offer lubricant concentrates for the use with food contact materials. Lastly, all lubricant technologies can also be used with a wide range of polymers, PC, PA, PBT and TPU, among others. Like all ROWA Masterbatch products, ROWALID®-GL can be customized according to the customers’ individual requirements.

Technical parts need lubricants. Apart from the various types available – one question is also of primary importance: external or internal lubrication?
Internal lubricants are easily dissolved in the polymer melt, internally lubricate the polymer chains and wetting filling materials. External lubricants are polymer-incompatible and generate a thin film on the exterior of the moulded part instead.

With specialised lubricants, a state of permanent lubrication is possible, avoiding the need to specifically oil or grease parts. Gearwheels and friction bearings made from plastic with lubricant concentrates offer several advantages over metallic materials. Additional lubricants are no longer required and dry running is maintenance-free. Plastic parts can also be deployed in scenarios where metallic materials are unsuitable or not even an option.

The use of lubricant additives with plastics not only improves flow properties but can also bring about positive changes in many other characteristics. As additives, internal lubricants have the effect of homogenisation, phase transfer and dispersion. Also, During processing, viscosity is lowered while pigment dispersion is promoted. In general, these are referred to as rheological properties. External lubricants help with material separation and demoulding. The finished part can also be given an additional anti-blocking or anti-slip effect. Specialised lubricants are used to greatly reduce friction with other parts. In general, this is a field that can be described as tribology. 

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