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Technical plastics in medical technology


ROMIRA, the specialist for technical plastics, offers a range of technical thermoplastics which are excellently suited for applications in the medical technology.

Pinneberg/Germany, March 7th, 2015 - Technical plastics such as ABS, ASA or PC are the perfect materials for use in medical technology. Thanks to their versatility and the option of combining them with application-specific additives, they are ideal for use as housing components in medical devices, for example. The most important qualities for these components are UV stability as well as resistance to thermal deformation and, in particular, chemical stability versus typical detergent and disinfectant agents such as ether, alcohols, superheated steam, hot air or high-energy radiation (depending on temperature). That said, the suitability of individual materials must be assessed on a case-by-case basis, as inner stresses in the finished part can appear individually and lead to breakage.

The ROMIRA solutions combine these properties and can be customised to further specific requirements. Here, flame retardant treatment has a major role to play, to ensure that plastics used in medicine are compliant with relevant legislation. As one example, flame-retardant ROTEC® ABS variants are some of the standard kinds of ABS that are used in various medical applications. The use of halogen-free flame retardants in some ROMILOY® compounds is especially interesting, since these can be disposed of later without harming the environment. In addition, ROMILOY® PA/ASA compounds also offer distinctly superior chemical stability.

Reinforced materials offer the benefits of high surface quality with a simultaneously high degree of stiffness and dimensional stability. Combining these properties satisfies the demanding requirements for medical technology products. ROMIRA’s longstanding collaboration with satisfied customers in the medical devices sector underlines the reliability of solutions from the product ranges ROTEC®, ROMILOY® and LURANYL®. 

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