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Socket strip with that certain something extra. Order, structure and, last but not least, a comfortable room climate are key factors for a pleasant and efficient workplace - whether an open-plan or individual office, within the company or in a home office.

Pinneberg/Germany, May 2022 – The issue of office design has been of great interest in recent years, in particular due to new work concepts such as agile working and the increased use of home offices.

In this context, a functional and simultaneously attractive design is in high demand, as it serves to enhance the well-being of employees and users. People who are comfortable in their working environment achieve improved concentration and are more productive in their work. Ergonomic desk furniture, optimal lighting and modern office supplies all contribute to the ideal arrangement and alignment of the workplace. An innovative example of a contemporary office device is the ‘NETBOX Leaf+’ from A. & H. Meyer, which is produced with ROTEC® ABS 1001 FR V0/5 from ROMIRA. The ‘NETBOX Leaf+’ is a unique socket strip featuring several extras in addition to its typical function: Besides the connections for power, it not only has connections for USB, network, audio and video - the ‘NETBOX Leaf+’ can also be equipped with a module for air purification, the so-called ‘NETMODULE ION-Cloud®’, providing a valuable contribution for a cleaner and healthier room climate. 

A. & H. Meyer modeled the development of ‘NETMODULE ION-Cloud®’ on nature, where anions are responsible for the purity of the air: Neg-atively charged oxygen atoms are distributed in the air, eliminating or neutralizing up to 95 % of pollutants, such as bacteria, pollen and viruses. As a result, ‘NETMODULE ION-Cloud®’ provides a protective bubble comparable to the efficiency of an FFP2 protective mask. 

The effectiveness of the negative-ions with anions, against Covid-19 aerosols for example, has been confirmed by expert opinion from the University of Leipzig. As well as the clean air, ‘NETMODULE ION-Cloud®’ is also highly impressive in that, unlike conventional air fil-ters, it operates without a fan or filter, consequently providing its users with noise-free and maintenance-free operation. 

A. & H. Meyer is the only supplier of a socket of this type and, with ROMIRA, has the ideal material partner for manufacturing right at its side: ROTEC® ABS 1001 FR V0/5 lends itself very well to further pro-cessing and is excellently suited for applications such as this. It is an easy-flowing, flame-retardant injection molding grade that is UL-listed with V-0 in all color variants. 

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