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Plastic parts in a metallic look are conquering the automotive sector


There is a new trend in the premium segment of automobile manufacturers: the use of plastics in a metallic design for vehicle parts such as radiator grilles, scuff plates and applications in the bumpers.

Pinneberg/Germany, September 25th, 2018 - The advantages of this include less paintwork and the easier production of large quantities. ROWA Masterbatch has taken this development on board and positioned itself as an attractive partner.

More and more lightweight constructions – driven by the growth in e-mobility – and the customers’ wishes for a modern design and appealing, by all means glamorous looks, dictate the ideas and developments in the automotive sector. The use of plastics is hereby a modern and expedient step forwards: this material allows a number of additional color variations, whilst the components, and thus the overall vehicle, appear to be of a higher quality. And through-dyed plastics are also delighting manufacturers and final consumers in practice because minor scratches are not only hardly visible, they can also be repaired very easily and do not usually require a costly replacement of the application. Nevertheless, the plastic applications do have to satisfy the requirements of the automotive industry, just like conventional components – above all with respect to environmental influences and their effects on the mechanical systems.

ROWA Masterbatch can offer individual solutions in the very popular field of silver metallic. The newly developed ROWALID® FX series is proving very convincing with colors ranging from aluminum to titanium gloss. The latest “in fashion” colors in the automotive sector are copper and brass tones, which have a strong metal effect and offer very good contrasts to the car paint. Pastel shades that produce warmer tones can also be realized in combination with colorants.

In order to constantly expand its portfolio and offer its customers system solutions, ROWA Masterbatch is cooperating with renowned special effect pigment manufacturers to formulate masterbatch solutions. Products in a metal design have gained acceptance in vehicle interiors for quite some time now and offer customers greater flexibility when it comes to a choice of colors.

ROWA Masterbatch is constantly expanding its know-how to continue to position itself as a reliable, strong partner for current and prospective customers.

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