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Lacquer systems for furniture and decorative films


Furniture and decorative films ensure an artistic and color appeal. In many cases, hard or semi-hard films made from PVC or TPO are used in this field of application. Coating of these films with suitable lacquer systems enables the manufacturer to modify the surface with respect to different properties.

Depending on the requirements, different, mostly solvent-based 2K systems are recommended from the product range of ROWADEKOR®. The lacquer systems are usually available both in gloss and matt finishes. For optimum cross-linking polyisocyanates are used as a standard, which enable not only quick curing beside a sufficiently high pot life, but also provide a high level of nail marking and scratch resistance combined with excellent abrasion resistance.

Innovative new developments

Some ROWADEKOR® lacquers also conform to the furniture standard DIN 68861-1:2011-01, Part 1B and accordingly are optimized for chemical resistance. These innovations are also free of the solvents which are present in the SVHC candidates list. Consequently, these products represent the future generation of solvent-based coating systems. The latest innovation in the area of ROWADEKOR® is a special UV stabilization. Products equipped with this feature are, for instance, ideally suited for decorative films which are used on window sills.

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