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K 2016: Specialized solutions by ROWA Lack


As a member of the ROWA GROUP, ROWA Lack will naturally also be attending K 2016 in Dusseldorf. The leading manufacturer of special lacquers for the coatings and plastics industries will be presenting its innovative new products at the fair (Hall 8a/B28), and offering insights into its extensive portfolio.

Synthetic leather for automotive interior, upholstered furniture and apparel products

Creating innovations: in developing new water-based lacquer systems for soft PVC web material, one area ROWA Lack has focused on is synthetic leather. Due to the huge variety of highly specific requirements, different end products which are to be coated with the newly developed deep-matt 2K lacquer systems need to be distinguished here. In order to meet all the customer requirements, a wide range of different lacquer systems is available. The main differences between these lacquers are their base polymers and the used matting agents. Therefore, the product portfolio ranges from lacquers which are only suitable as primers, through products offering a good price/performance ratio to top coats developed for the premium market. Thanks to the outstanding transparency of the dry lacquer films, the new products are suitable for dark colors such as dark brown and black, as well as bright colors such as beige and light gray.

Furniture and decorative films

With the ROWADEKOR® product family, ROWA Lack has offered its customers high-quality, solvent-based lacquers for furniture and decorative films for some time now. These 2K lacquers are cross-linked with polyisocyanates. They are quick-drying, mar- and scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant and available in either gloss or matt variants. Furthermore, the products contain no solvents from the SVHC Candidate List, and therefore already represent the next generation of solventbased lacquers. The latest developments also offer UV stabilization in addition to the properties already mentioned. This makes them suitable for the coating of decorative films used on windowsills, for example.

Functional coatings

The ROWA Lack portfolio also offers new products in the field of functional coatings. As one example, our developers have managed to achieve significant optimizations to the visual and haptic properties of antistatic lacquers. With the new, water-based lacquers from ROWA, glossy surfaces can be achieved that also result in a surface that is only slightly darker or more grayish than usual. Surface resistances in the range of 106 Ω can easily be achieved. With a firm focus on certification in the field of environmental and energy management according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 and DIN EN ISO 50001:2011, ROWA Lack has also developed new products for the thermal regulation of halls and tents. One option is to coat an infrared-reflecting lacquer onto the exterior surface of these objects. This ensures that the temperature inside the construction increases slower, compared to conventional coatings. Therefore, any cooling systems used require less energy to be operated. Another option is the use of low-e lacquers for the coating of the inner surface of the respective structures. Using this coatings, the heat is kept inside the construction, ensuring that less energy is required for climate control.

New types of red pigment preparations

With the target group specific assortment of ROWALID PVC pigment preparations, ROWA Lack GmbH continues to expand its product line. The focus of the development was on orange and red pigments complementing the current range. ROWALID products are highly concentrated, single pigment substances integrated in a PVC-support system. ROWALID PVC preparations are produced using a special production process, pursued with a maximum degree of dispersion of the desired pigments which cannot be achieved with conventional dispersion methods. The product's "micro-powder" delivery form in a defined particle size range not only allows a large tolerance range, but the highly concentrated pigment dispersion also guarantees high color strength and transparency. Therefore ROWALID preparations make it easy to color products.

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