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ROMIRA has been a reliable partner to the medical industry for many years and produces flame-retardant products based on both halogenated and halogen-free systems.

Pinneberg/Germany, May 14th, 2018 – The flame resistance is always tested and guaranteed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in accordance with recognized standards. ROMIRA now has its own horizontal/vertical combustion chamber (HVUL2) that has been specially designed for combustibility tests on plastic materials pursuant to the UL specifications. This now enables our laboratory staff to perform standardized flame-resistance tests internally at the Pinneberg site. The stainless steel chamber has a large sliding window offering a good view of the test pieces. Equipped with complete sample support, precision gas burner and a digital timer allows for its safe and simple operation.

The medical equipment industry has many demands for its applications and ROMIRA can now offer further innovative developments in this field of use. When it comes to applications in surgeries, hospitals etc., ROMIRA has innovative materials in its portfolio for the use in housings of medical pumps, for example: Romiloy PBT/PC has a number of important properties including very good impact strength, high heat resistance and a very wide processing window. Furthermore, its chemical resistance is significantly higher than that of other more conventional polymers that are used in this application area. One leading OEM is already so convinced by the benefits Romiloy PBT/PC brings that they are now using it in their appliances.

And this is just one further step along the way to becoming an established name in this industry: medical technology is an important and promising sector for ROMIRA, and one which the company wishes to concentrate more on in future.

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