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ROMIRA offers high strength and lightweight polyamide compounds reinforced by re-processed carbon fiber.

Pinneberg/Germany, April 13th, 2021 – Polyamides are tough, with high tensile strength and elasticity, and possess extremely good abrasion resistance. Polyamide (PA) compounds cover a wide range of industrial applications and are used extensively in almost all key industries from automotive and consumer products to the electronics and medical/healthcare sectors. The market for PA compounds has grown significantly in recent years. The cost efficiency and lower weight of PA compounds is a major growth driver. These compounds feature in fast-expanding industries that require lighter materials with equal or superior properties to metals, while still maintaining quality. 

As a reliable and renowned polymer solutions supplier, ROMIRA has recently developed new lightweight and high strength PA compounds based on re-processed carbon fiber (rp-CF). The rp-CF is produced from residual cuttings/offcuts supplied by leading carbon fiber manufacturers. Consequently, as the fibers are virgin fibers with homogenous properties there is no property fluctuation due to mixed fiber types. This green and sustainable re-processing on prime level, results in up to 90 % less CO2 footprint compared to prime carbon fiber production. 

The PA compounds produced using rp-CF also exhibit excellent mechanical properties. The table presents typical properties of PA6 rp-CF20 (20 % carbon fiber) compared to a commercially available PA6 CF20. This clearly shows that the measured mechanical properties are highly comparable. 

As previously mentioned, light-weighting is one of the key areas of interest related to PA compounds. Glass fiber reinforced PAs are used extensively in the automotive industry on account of their low cost and favorable mechanical properties, in particular in terms of impact strength. The table demonstrates that the new PA6 rp-CF20 also offers a standard property level, while achieving a greater reduction in weight than PA6 GF20. 


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