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Green light for ROWALID®


Bespoke masterbatches based on polycarbonate have traditionally been very important as a material for optical elements such as lamp covers. Polycarbonate is very dimensionally stable and displays high rigidity, strength and impact strength.

Pinneberg/Germany, April 27th, 2018 – This material also has good electrical insulation and flame retardant properties. A high temperature resistance, low water absorption as well as a high transparency and strong surface sheen are also characteristic of polycarbonate, which can also be upgraded for long-term outdoor use through the addition of UV-stabilizers.

ROWA Masterbatch supplies a number of customers in this segment, e.g. Diko Plastic Factory, Bulgaria. The ROWALID® PC masterbatches have been specially developed for the requirements of this customer on traffic light covers.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits for this use, the material’s low tendency to warp or shrink is particularly favorable for this kind of cover. The light covers made by Diko guarantee the construction’s impermeability and reliably prevent the penetration of dust and water. What’s more, the ROWALID® PC masterbatch types that are used for outdoor applications are resistant to weathering.

The material is processed by injection molding. Special attention is paid to a high transparency combined with a good light control when designing the parts geometry – ideal preconditions for glare-free light, optimized for the use of LEDs, which are very economical thanks to their longevity. In addition, they consume much less power than incandescent and discharge lamps, thus making LEDs more climate-friendly than these on account of their lower CO2 emissions.

By using ROWALID® masterbatch PC-22954 UV RED, PC-32058 UV ORANGE and PC-51670 UV GREEN, the customer can perfectly combine the product properties of polycarbonate with the inexpensive and easy handling of a masterbatch.

These product developments – geared to the specific requirements of customers – are a very positive and vivid example of innovative and, depending on the needs, bespoke solutions, and not least a comprehensive advisory service by ROWA Masterbatch.

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