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For sound you can be proud of: ROMILOY® 4010/11


The ROMIRA experts are always out to further develop their products and to continuously improve them more precisely for many different applications. The new PA/ABS compound ROMILOY® 4010/11 is an outstanding example of this.

Pinneberg/Germany, September 25th, 2019 - Due to their appearance and tactile qualities on structured surfaces without the need for subsequent lacquering, combined with superior technical properties and good chemical resistance, the ROMILOY® products are particularly impressive in a wide range of applications.

The newest version, ROMILOY® 4010/11, now features even better tactile properties, greater value and further improved, extremely high impact strength. The material also exhibits exceptional flow qualities, giving the additional advantage of a wide processing window. Puncture resistance tests according to ISO6603-2/40/20/C/2.5 were performed with very positive results, giving confidence in protection against accidental damage.

ROMILOY® 4010/11 is ideally suited for use in loudspeaker grilles, particularly as it reveals the surface structure extremely well. The product has already been approved for use by many OEMs.

In accordance with the customer's requirements, ROMIRA can produce almost all colors possible in plastics using the most suitable colorants - the new, modern ROMIRA COLOR COMPETENCE CENTER provides the very best options in this respect. 

We warmly invite our customers, designers and marketing experts to come to us and discuss their specific color ideas. As a result, each color can be reproduced in plastic within a very short time.

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