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(Extruder) screws in the fast lane


ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA are equally renowned as industry specialists for the highest quality standards and products tailored to the customer. A common, technical core competence of the companies is less well known: The extruder screw facility (the Schneckenhaus) in which the pairs of extruder shafts are stored.

Pinneberg/Germany, May 07th, 2019 – The spaces of the extruder screw facility are designed so that the experts from ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA have fast access to the extruder screw shafts and extruder screw components, allowing defective parts to be quickly replaced or changes made to the extruder screw configuration.
The valuable components are neatly sorted by function and size in spacious drawers and wrought-iron wall-mounted brackets, with over 3100 extruder screw components, around 55 extruder screw shafts and more than 300 different types – this impressive inventory in the extruder screw facility is used by both ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA. It is not only the systematic and effective storage that distinguishes these facilities. The Schneckenhaus has also been designed for an optimal workflow.
During the first step, the extruder screw is removed from the production machine and then must cool down before it is transported to the extruder screw facility. The extruder screw is first cleaned in a blasting chamber before being moved on the conveyors provided into the central room. Here, experts check the screws for cleanliness and, if necessary, initiate any rework. If any of the components show signs of damage or wear the defective parts are carefully replaced with the aid of a screw extraction device and the extruder screw is subjected to another thorough inspection. Preventive maintenance is also worthwhile at this point. All extractor screw components in stock are tracked via the existing ERP system, which ensures that the components necessary for the production of the compound and masterbatch specialities are always available. Finally, the extruder screw is taken via conveyor belts to the storage room and onto clearly identified wall-mounted brackets.
The extruder screw facility enables efficient workflow, minimizes sources of error and enables the desired screw configurations to be recreated at any time. This means that ROWA Masterbatch and ROMIRA customers can rest assured that compounds and masterbatches can be reliably reproduced.

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