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ROWA Masterbatch has been established as a competent and internationally renowned partner of the automotive industry and well-known polyamide processors and compounders for polyamide-based nigrosine masterbatches. The newly developed ROWALID® PA-B044A RHC BLACK will ensure that this will continue to be the case in the future.

Pinneberg/Germany, October 12th, 2020 - For sensitive applications, soluble colorants, nigrosine, are usually used because carbon black influences the mechanical properties and material behavior in the injection molding process. ROWA Masterbatch is recognized as a specialist in this area and supplies customers all over the world with ROWALID® PA-16292 BLACK, primarily from the automotive industry, where this masterbatch is used for items such as glass fiber reinforced polyamide in the engine compartment of passenger cars.

With immediate effect, the masterbatch experts have a new design development in their portfolio: The nigrosine masterbatch ROWALID® PA-B044A RHC BLACK (RHC stands for reduced halogen content), which achieves a further reduction in electrocorrosion and reduced interaction with other formulation components compared to other products. An improvement of the mechanical properties after thermal aging is also evident.

These benefits, in particular the fact that ROWALID® PA-B044A RHC BLACK prevents corrosion of metals such as copper, open up a wider range of applications: Besides use in the engine compartment this high-purity grade of nigrosine is also ideal for E&E applications, including heat exchangers, connector housings, housings for circuit breakers or terminal blocks. With this new development ROWA Masterbatch has once again demonstrated expertise in the production of masterbatches.

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