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Do it yourself:
 Color POM yourself with ROWA Masterbatch


POM is a typical technical thermoplastic with good mechanical properties and high dimensional stability and it exhibits excellent low friction and good wear behavior. This material is, therefore, one of the most popular construction materials and it is used for numerous applications.

Pinneberg/Germany, August 21st, 2017

But POM is primarily provided by the major polymer manufacturers either uncolored or colored black. Coloring POM yourself is, therefore, traditionally very important. 

With the ROWALID® POM product group, ROWA Masterbatch provides not only a sophisticated solution for self-coloring but also offers processors some major economic advantages: by purchasing larger, lower cost, volumes of the uncolored product, the raw material expenses are significantly reduced. This also allows for greater flexibility and shorter changeover times – which has a great impact, particularly with frequent color changes. 

The masterbatches based on POM guarantee the greatest possible retention of the polymer’s physical properties, unlike universal batches based on carrier materials that are not ideally matched to POM. This particular material, which is polymerized on the basis of formaldehyde, tends to release harmful formaldehyde in unfavorable conditions, for example through an interaction with an unsuitable carrier material. 

Very important: the ROWALID® POM portfolio includes color batches based on both homo- and copolymers. 

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