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Colour effects: individual solutions by ROMIRA


The glitter of colours has a special attraction for the human eye. Since things that sparkle or shimmer can bewitch the beholder, it is not surprising that people love colour effects and buy products to suit. With its in-house “Color Competence Center”, ROMIRA has specialized in covering plastics with effect colours. Thus, the Germany based specialist for technical plastics is able to provide customized solutions and granulate for the production of plastic components for e.g. kitchen appliances, audio systems or television sets in nearly all colours.

Pinneberg/Germany, March 3rd, 2015 - The development of colour effects in plastic materials is both more advanced and less costly than it was even a few years ago. Good resistance to fading and weathering is obligatory, and coatings are increasingly unnecessary. It is also important to remember that the optical impact of effect pigments depends on the angle: accordingly, a colouristic assessment therefore needs to be made from several viewing angles. For a visual comparison, this is easily done: the material samples to compare are simply tilted back and forth. For a colorimetric assessment, conventional colour analysis equipment is unsuitable, as it can only measure from one angle. Colour analysers for assessing effect pigments are capable of measuring colour from up to ten angles, however.

If you are interested, please contact ROWA’s “Color Competence Center” team, who will be happy to handle your enquiry. 

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