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Clear matter at ROMIRA


ROMIRA is now offering an innovative thermoplast: the transparent, not known till now, Rotec SMMA (styrene-methylmethacrylate). It is so brilliant, stable and as clear as glass like poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA). With one decisive difference: SMMA can be processed much better, since it has a lower residual stress in injection molded parts and hence a much better flow.

Pinneberg/Germany, April 18th, 2017

This has consequences for energy and water consumption during production: while maintaining high quality even the complex design parts are produced more economically than would be possible with acrylic glass. At the same time, the excellent sur- face texture remains intact: Rotec SMMA is much lighter than glass and also transparent, scratch and dishwasher-proof and resistant to a large number of chemicals or UV rays.

Typical applications are products for medical technology like valves, flaps or optical lenses as well as pharmaceutical, cos- metic and household articles. Even food items can be packed without any worry with this new development, because SMMA is free of bisphenol and is compatible with food items, as certified by the strict FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in USA.

Depending upon the requirement of the customer, the color also plays a role: In the building blocks system of ROMIRA, each plastic can be colored properly, synergies are used and a matching solution is worked out. In doing so, the employees are happy to provide consultation.

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