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Safe charging with ROMIRA: ROMILOY® PC+ASA for wallboxes


News on e-mobility: The trend is continuing significantly: In 2020, more electric vehicles were registered worldwide than ever before, a record that is already certain to be broken in 2021. Meeting the growing demand requires that charging stations are not only available in public spaces, but that they are also made available to the end user. Wall charging stations - so-called wallboxes - are considered to be core technology for charging via the domestic power connection.

Pinneberg/Germany, August 2021 –  ROMIRA has been addressing the issue of private charging for a long time and has developed a product from the ROMILOY® PC+ASA range tailored to the specific demands.
One particular challenge in product development is the wide range of operating temperatures. Depending on the installation location - be it a garage or a protected outdoor area of the carport - the wallbox has to withstand temperatures ranging from -30 °C to 85 °C. A high level of impact strength and good weathering resistance are also required. The innovative, tailor-made PC-ASA compound is able to satisfy all these points, and also meets REACH and RoHS requirements.
There is no risk of fire or other potential hazards such as electric shocks with ROMIRA compounds, which can be produced in black and white as well as in a variety of colors.
After all necessary requirements for the wallbox have been met, a CE marking will be issued for the wallbox, which is a prerequisite for supplying energy to an electric vehicle in Europe.
Since 24.11.2020, KfW has offered a subsidy program (grant 440) for the installation of wallboxes. The grant amounts to a flat rate of 900 euros per charging point. The following basic requirements must be met for this subsidy:
· The wallbox must have a charging capacity of 11 kW.
· The charging station must be permanently installed.
· The electricity for the wallbox must come exclusively from renewable energies.
· The charging station must be listed on a list for KfW eligible wallboxes.
ROMIRA is also currently conducting customized development work in this future-oriented field with the aim of meeting the special requirements for wallboxes.

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