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Resistant to heat and chemicals: Luranyl® HT PPE+PA blends


High demands are made on resistance to heat and numerous aggressive substances, such as oils and glycol, in heating and engine design. With Luranyl® HT, ROMIRA offers a product group to satisfy these requirements.

Pinneberg/Germany, September 8th, 2017

It not only has high resistance to hot water combined with a high heat deflection temperature, it also absorbs rather little water, which is a beneficial feature for ensuring problem-free processing. 

Luranyl® PPE+PS-I is the first choice when excellent resistance to hydrolysis and stability against hot water, acids, and alkalis is needed. Apart from these properties, the ROMIRA product is also resistant to detergents and alcohol, a combination that few other materials can offer. Furthermore, the moisture absorption of Luranyl® is much lower than comparable engineering plastics. Even the most complex of parts can be produced using Luranyl® with very little distortion and the narrowest of tolerances. These are key properties that hardly any other thermoplastic material can offer. 

The continuous service temperature of reinforced Luranyl® PPE+PS-I over many hours is approx. 90°C. For higher temperatures, but with just as much chemical resistance, for example to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, greases, fuels, and detergents, ROMIRA’s portfolio includes Luranyl® HT PPE+PA. This product has a softening temperature of up to 240°C, making it an ideal material for powder coating – a process in which temperatures of approximately 200°C are reached. Luranyl® HT PPE+PA grades are also resistant to a number of organic solvents. 

The following three application examples highlight its versatility: 

1. The extremely resistant Luranyl® HT 190 is primarily used in connecting parts for flexible hoses in the sanitary and heating industries. When used in air-conditioning systems, the product has to withstand a variety of chemical substances: water, glycol, silicon oil, mineral oil with dimethyl sulfoxide, and lube oil with zinc dialkyldithiophosphate. These outstanding proper- ties make Luranyl® HT 190 the best choice for these applications, surpassing even the commonly used polysulfone. 

2. Luranyl® HT 220 G6 is a PPE+PA reinforced with 30 percent fiberglass. Having good chemical resistance in combination with very high stiffness and excellent heat resistance makes this an attractive solution for products such as engine covers. These parts have to withstand not only brake fluids, greases, and lubricants but also exposure to high temperatures. 

3. Thanks to its electrical conductivity, Luranyl® HT 190 LF is ideal for use in powder coating applications, such as fuel filler caps. What’s more, the material is easy to process, thereby enabling lower reject rates and making production more economical. 

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