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For more than 40 years TRAMACO has been offering a wide portfolio of chemical foaming agents and primers, which is continuously expanded by newly developed products.

Pinneberg/Germany, October 20th, 2020 –  The production technology optimized for foaming agents offers the potential to produce masterbatches with high loading of additives which would be difficult to process in their pure form. Today we present two particularly well suited “teamplayers” of this product range:

TRASIL IM 20 is very effective as mould release agent for injection moulded parts with complicated geometry. By using TRASIL IM 20 these parts in general can be demoulded faster and easier, and depending on the applied dosage, they can provide an additional effect of reduced sliding friction. Our classic product for sliding friction applications is TRAPLAST PTFE Slip 80, an 80 % masterbatch of micronized PTFE.

Both products can be used together to show their strength in technical parts. By combining the two mechanisms of action, the user can benefit from easier demoulding and a big reduction in sliding friction, short- to medium- as well as long-term.

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