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Masterbatches for 3D printing


The whole world is talking about 3D printing, for both large building projects and private uses. The first bridge made by 3D printing will be opening for pedestrians in Amsterdam at the beginning of 2019, for example.

Pinneberg/Germany, October 2nd, 2018 – ROWA Masterbatch is also addressing this hot topic and is increasingly proving to be an ideal partner for various 3D printing products.

3D printing is a generative method for the layer-by-layer manufacture of three-dimensional objects on the basis of digital 3D models using a wide variety of materials such as plastics, photo resins, metal and silicones. The first technologies such as stereo-lithography, selective laser sintering and fused filament fabrication (FFF) had already been put to successful use in the 1980s.

3D printing is particularly popular for the manufacture of prototypes, complex models and spare parts. Prototype construction by means of 3D printing, right through to small series production, has been successfully introduced into the fields of architecture, art, mechanical engineering, automotive construction, aerospace, medical technology and construction technique, amongst others. A further use of 3D printing is mass customization: one example that can be named here are bespoke shoes that are tailored to the individual shape of the wearer’s feet. Experts are expecting the market for 3D printing to grow significantly in the coming years, with some sectors even experiencing a revolution thanks to this method.

ROWA Masterbatch, as a manufacturer of color and additive masterbatches and supplier of customized solutions, supports the establishment of 3D printing with the production of various colors and properties. In an initial project that has been realized in cooperation with Dr. Thorsten Pretsch, the Head of the research department Synthesis and Polymer Technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP in Potsdam-Golm, ROWA Masterbatch is testing ROWALID® FFF products for the manufacture of filaments and their use in fused filament fabrication. The Product Manager Dr. Natalia Olichwer is responsible for the project on behalf of ROWA Masterbatch: “3D printing is a very exciting topic and we are delighted to be gaining experience in this field with the famous Fraunhofer Institute. The results of our first tests are very promising and definitely worth further investigation.” Which means that this will certainly not be the last time we report on 3D printing in ROWAnews!

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