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Function through filler


The specific characteristics of the various plastics and their blends are as diverse as the areas in which they are used. The demands on functionality of components are increasing, particularly in sectors such as the construction and automotive industries or medical technology.

Pinneberg/Germany, September 4th, 2019 – High-performance fillers and functional additives provide polymer systems with amazing functional or optical properties and consequently facilitate the use of plastics in an increasing range of unconventional applications. Special glass fibre-reinforced LURANYL PPE/PS blends with WRAS, NSF, KTW and ACF certification are successfully used in fluid technology applications with hot water such as instantaneous water heaters. These products offer perfect solutions in applications requiring strength, stiffness, heat and chemical resistance, longevity combined with complex constructions.

Besides improved mechanical properties, special fillers can also be used to adjust electrical and thermal properties. One example is the electrically conductive and halogen-free flame-retardant polycarbonate ROTEC PC 7010 FR-AS, which was specifically developed and successfully applied by ROMIRA for applications in fire and explosion protection.

Some fillers can also be used to produce exceptional haptic properties, such as our highly filled ROTEC PA6 M50 for aesthetic packaging in the cosmetics segment. Combined with the particularly chemical-resistant polyamide 6, the special mineral filler used here ensures a high density and a ceramic-like surface appearance of the end products.

The prerequisite for suitable solutions is not only detailed knowledge of customers’ requirements, but also an in-depth awareness of the latest developments in the field of fillers and additives. The appropriate selection of the filler and its processing make a decisive contribution to the properties profile of the final plastic product. Owing to the expertise of the ROMIRA employees and state-of-the-art production machines, which work with variable dosing systems, we can provide our customers with formulations precisely tailored to their requirements and technical standards.

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