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Digital microscopy: little things really big


Insufficient leveling, wetting problems and inhomogeneous coating thicknesses – problems like these, which can already occur during the coating process, clearly demonstrate that the high-quality, industrial coating of plastic web material as well as the development and choice of suitable lacquer systems are relevant topics.

Pinneberg/Germany, September 06th, 2018 - Aging under the effects of moisture, temperature and/or light can also lead to damages if unsuitable lacquer systems are used or the quality of the coating is inadequate.

The formation of cracks, discolorations or even the complete delamination of the lacquer film are only some of the possible consequences. The ROWA GROUP is aware of these difficulties and once again proves that it is up to these challenges: These problems and defects often occur on a microscopically small scale, particularly in their initial stages. ROWA Lack GmbH, together with ROWA Masterbatch, has now invested in a modern digital microscope so that it can not only get to the bottom of issue, but also understand the problems and develop solutions.

Digital microscope with computer, software and control panel

Depending on the specific problem and the necessary resolution, users can chose between two different lenses that cover the range from 20 to 200 and 500 to 5000 times magnification. Compared to classic light microscopy, digital microscopy gives users the chance to view, measure and save the images directly on a computer. Images with a very high depth-of-field at high magnifications can also be produced with digital microscopes. An additional effect during the generation of these images with large depth-of-field is the simultaneous production of 3D images of the object being observed, which can also be measured using the corresponding software.

Images of fibers at 500 times magnification. Left: normal image, right: image with large depth-of-field.

In order to always be able to put the samples under investigation in the best light, coaxial illumination through the lens or lateral, adjustable-angle illumination are available to the user. These different kinds of lighting can also be combined with one another. Furthermore, a panorama image consisting of several individual images can be produced to show larger objects in a high resolution and magnification.

Polarization filters, HDR imaging and free-angle observation of three-dimensional objects round off the possibilities offered by the new digital microscope. ROWA Lack GmbH gladly offers its customers to help them identifying coating problems, defects and failures in lacquer films.

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