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Color expert ROWA Masterbatch already has the trends of the future in its trade fair kit!


THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE TODAY: For ROWA Masterbatch, keeping in touch with the latest color trends is a matter of course. The company, which specializes in polymerspecific developments and the coloring of plastic applications of all types, always has the current trend colors, such as the color of the year as selected annually by the Pantone Color Institute in its range. But that’s not enough: the team at ROWA Masterbatch is now looking at the topic of colors particularly proactively and with particular vision – and can supply the trend colors for 2023/2024 now!

Pinneberg / Germany, September 2022 – ROWA Masterbatch has determined the future trend colors in collaboration with effect pigment manufacturer Kuncai – the results are six colors which were identified in a range of variations. To this end, ROWA Masterbatch has modified the base colors with high-quality effect pigments which provide an iridescent effect or glitter and which intensify the base color. The resulting color worlds are also, not least, mood worlds in which consumers will find themselves in the coming years:
The ASTRO DUST color is a captivating, midtone red, the mineral color of which brings to mind images of the Mars landscape and the expanses of the universe. Astro Dust is sure to have a role to play in cosmetics in particular. The effect pigments used are a punchy, vibrant red in which the sparkle, the color intensity and the particle size have been optimized such that the pigments are suitable for a wide range of applications. A second effect pigment offers a metallic red with a luxurious sheen which intensifies the effect of the vibrant red tones.
The second color also takes a long view: GALACTIC COBALT is an intensive, highly dynamic color inspired by the space age which will be found in a wide variety of product sectors in the coming years. A group of blue tones which offer a multitude of moods from deep, almost violet shadows through to the lightest aqua blue are used as effect pigments – from vibrant and dramatic through to soothing.
The color of tranquility and balance which consumers will be able to use to create a stress-free environment goes by the name of SAGE LEAF and is best described as a calming green. Here, ROWA Masterbatch works with pearlescent green pigments which generate a vivid, natural color. The colorists have used a multicolor effect pigment for other variants. This produces a harmonious red/green gradient.
E.V. Conceals a vibrant, almost neon blue with just a touch of natural green which carries with it the topics of the environment, clean energy and sustainability – a color which is certain to be met with enthusiasm in the electromobility sector. The exotic, turquoise blue is the result of the use of blue and green effect pigments.
Translated from the Spanish, MIRANDA ALEGRE means “joyful sight”: the creamy, mellow orange is the perfect balance of yellow and red, it bubbles over with light and energy – this impression of joie de vivre is sure to make a deliberate appearance in many households’ color worlds. The color lends warmth with mellow yellow pearlescent pigments, a second effect pigment creates a bronze tone which delights with a deep, metallic shimmer.
Whether in cosmetics, fashion or the automotive industry – black is always required: The trend color BOHLD which has been identified is a universal, deep black which is by no means negative or gloomy, but rather has an exciting, bold and punchy effect. The use of various silver-white effect pigments creates an additional, sparkling dimension. The particle size of these pigments guarantees high visual impact – even at low concentrations – and ensures a stunning effect finish à la starry sky.
You can already see sample sheets for these 2023/2024 trends at the upcoming K trade fair, Hall 8A, Stand B28! 

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