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Beautiful new world of colors


Elegant sedan, stylish coupé or sleek city car – the automotive industry is always captivating with new trends and looks.

Pinneberg/Germany, September 27th, 2018 – This is attributed to the designers, who have long since ceased to focus solely on visual appearance and emotions, but also on utility, efficiency and, not least, environmental aspects. The innovative product developments of ROMIRA make it the perfect partner – as the use of acrylic (AC) compounds promises design freedom, cost efficiency and environmental protection.

AC compounds represent a new dimension in the world of colors. They enable automobile manufacturers to produce color-coded trim parts for small series, limited editions, advertising and sports versions of their vehicles. ROMIRA supports designers and developers in formulating individual colors in cooperation with the in-house Color Competence Center of the ROWA GROUP.

Freedom for creativity

ROTEC® AC-compounds are suitable for the production of first-class parts with a high-gloss or deep-matt finish. It is even possible to produce high-gloss and matt in one injection cycle and one component. Working with the toolmaker, the designers can thus integrate complicated decorative elements into the part to be produced. ROTEC® AC-compounds can be used for elements such as contrast surfaces, lines, product branding and consequently also for decoration by foil embossing and for logos with metallic effect surfaces or lettering.

Benefits for suppliers

As the components made of ROTEC® color acrylic compounds are ready for use directly in the mold, no large stock is required and only a reduced storage area compared to painted parts. The elimination of a production process also simplifies the planning process and improves operational efficiency by reducing the time between raw material intake and the completion or sale of the product. Customized vehicles can be produced in very small quantities, because the same tools can be used to create a variety of designs in addition to colors and the high-gloss and matt variants.

Less energy for greater environmental protection

ROTEC® AC materials contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production due to their properties and their efficient usability: Unlike painted parts, parts made of ROTEC® AC-compounds do not require any further processing. Since no painting process is required, material, time and energy are saved significantly – for example, paint drying systems with relatively high energy consumption can be dispensed with. It is no longer necessary to dispose of paint and solvent-polluted containers or cleaning and covering materials, solvent extraction systems are no longer required, nor is solvent reduction, solvent recovery or solvent recycling.

Beauty also comes from within

As a result of stone chips and general wear and tear, unsightly signs of wear quickly appear, especially on the exterior trim and particularly on the front end parts. Usually the black base material is painted, any abrasion of the painted surface can cause the black to shine through and impair the aesthetics of the vehicle. This can be remedied by costly repainting – until now! With solid-colored ROTEC® materials, scratches and wear are far less visible. And unlike painted surfaces, light surface scratches can be re-polished to restore the surface quality of the part.

ROMIRA cooperates in this field with tool manufacturers and injection molding experts. Together, we continue to optimize products and in doing so create impressive design references – always focusing on the motivation, needs and wishes of designers such as sustainability, cost efficiency and creative freedom.

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