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Aqueous coating systems for tablecloth finishing


Don't give stains a chance! ROWA Lack provides new systems for applying finishes for long-lasting cleanliness.

Pinneberg/Germany, March 14th, 2019 –  Vinyl-based tablecloths are a cost-effective way to set decorative accents while at the same time protecting furniture from everyday wear and tear. For practicality and to maintain an attractive appearance the tablecloth must be resistant to soiling and easy to clean. The surface of the PVC tablecloth is given these properties by applying a functional, protective finish. With the ROWAKRYL® G 34870W gloss finish and the matching silk matt variant ROWAKRYL® M 35030W, ROWA Lack offers water-based coating systems particularly developed for this task.

All of the raw materials used in both products have been selected to conform with EU Regulation No. 10/2011, which regulates the use of materials and articles that come into contact with food. Both ROWAKRYL® G 34870W and ROWAKRYL® M 35030W have excellent stain resistance. The finishes are also developed to comply with the furniture standard DIN 68861‑1:2011‑01, Part 1B, with respect to chemical resistance. Even foodstuffs which have not been removed immediately and which are usually difficult-to-remove such as ketchup, red wine or mustard can mostly be cleaned with common household products without leaving any discolouration. Both lacquers are formulated so that that they can be applied with a rotogravure cylinder or a helical engraved anilox roller.

Distinct embossing after coating, such as used with Damask tablecloths, poses no problem for these new products. The viscosity of both coatings can be adjusted by adding ROWASET 64774W thickener to meet the needs of the process. In cases where it is necessary to use a wetting agent on difficult substrates, ROWA Lack would be happy to recommend suitable systems with food regulatory approvals. We look forward to hearing from you.

Left: Soiled, wiped and cleaned vinyl-based tablecloth with ROWAKRYL G 34870W gloss finish.
Right: Soiled, wiped and cleaned vinyl-based tablecloth with standard finish.




ROWA Lack will be exhibiting at the Techtextil trade fair from 14 to 17 May in Frankfurt am Main in Hall 3.0, Stand F53.

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