• We create enthusiastic customers
    Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Through strong motivation and superior products, we create individual solutions that meet and go beyond all requirements thanks to our excellent, customer-orientated service and great flexibility. This turns satisfaction into enthusiasm.
  • We enhance the quality of life
    We produce highly specialised materials for products which make life easier and safer: plastics. All through life, we are surrounded by things made of plastic. Packaging, apparel, transportation, medicine – plastics enrich our world, providing people with safer food, protective clothing and countless other amenities.
  • We assume responsibility
    We accept responsibility for our products and services with comprehensive certifications and quality management systems, for our environment by complying strictly with regulations, for our employees with strong social commitment and competence. As a family-owned business, we feel obligated to ensure the wellbeing and personal development of our employees. We reject all forms of discrimination and personal defamation. We show and demand respect and appreciation in personal interactions. We provide a culturally diverse working environment where employees from many different nations contribute their abilities in teams to increase our competence while enriching our company culture.
  • We learn and share our knowledge
    Such a broad range of products requires greatly individualised materials. We react to the constantly changing needs with experience, research and development, and we initiate new ideas – solutions which enable innovative products, set new standards and make our customers more successful.
  • We are successful over the long term
    We appreciate the value of long-term personal relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners. We feel especially committed to job security. The prerequisite for this is that we all enjoy success over the long term and generate profits for the necessary investments. By respecting reliability and tradition, we create mutual trust.

ROWA Masterbatch GmbH

Siemensstraße 1-9
25421 Pinneberg / Germany
Tel.: +49 4101 706-01
Email: info(at)